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With us, you’re not a price tag. The moment you walk through our doors, you become part of a family.
— The Chapel Owners

The moment you walk through our doors, you become part of a family – a family who will stand behind you, support you, take care of you, and treat you right – a family who does the job right the first time and stands behind their work.

The Chapel is the alternative to the dealership. There’s a reason we don’t have to pay for advertising: our customers do it for us. Whether you’re on the street or at an event, if you start talking about motorcycles, chances are you’ll meet one of our customers. Some have met us only once, only to go out and tell their friends they’ve found a new family. Our customers fight for us just as we fight for them – all because of the way we treat them (and their bike) as one of our own.

We may be called The Chapel, but our religion is motorcycles. We ride every motorcycle that comes through our doors so we can give it our seal of approval before it leaves the shop. It’s our name on the line, after all – so no matter what you need, we will take care of it. Come join our family.

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On paper, The Chapel Motorcycle Shop has only existed since 2015, but the dream began long before when brothers Karl and Kolby realized there was something missing in Utah’s motorcycle market. Their family mechanic was retiring, dealerships treated everyone poorly, and the one shop with a truly special personality was closing.

Instead of accepting the fate of Utah’s motorcycle market, Karl and Kolby, along with their parents, decided to fill the void. They had the passion, and now they had the opportunity.

Their parents became investors; they would support the shop now with the promise that the shop would support them later. And when their father passed away, instead of saying “we’re done,” they doubled down on their commitment—with their mother standing by their side—to honor the dream he helped them create. They started this business, and they would keep pushing.

It’s that grit and determination that fuels the business to this day and keeps The Chapel team pushing forward, with their plans and dreams to make the business and community stronger and safer. It’s that grit and determination that pushes them to serve their customers, treat them with respect, and do the job right the first time.



Kolby Reber

Kolby Reber

Karl Baird

Karl Baird

Colleen Reber Baird

Colleen Reber Baird


Owners Karl and Kolby love taking on new challenges and bringing new bikers into their brotherhood. They turn the ordinary into extraordinary and always go above and beyond what is expected of them.

Colleen is an owner / partner standing behind her two son's Kolby and Karl. She is a huge part of the foundation of our business and family and the glue that helps hold it all together. She is an amazing woman that we are lucky to have part of our company.


Robin brings organization and a female touch to the shop. She takes customer interaction to the next level, creating a personal and inviting experience for everyone who walks in our door.


Ray, our tech/mechanic, has added years of experience and the mechanical and professional quality touch with a level of knowledge that is next to perfection.




June 23rd, 1951 – March, 17th 2018


Floyd Dee Baird, you were a great man overflowing with wisdom and intelligence. Your legacy will live on through us and will never be forgotten. We will continue to bless the lives of others in your name. Cheers to you.

We love you.
May you rest in peace.